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Hyperscale across large geographies

Powered by the finest fiber infrastructure built for the cloud, we provide uncompromised network connectivity that fortifies your requirement to hyperscale. We understand that having ubiquitous access to data centers (DC), cloud and internet exchanges are critical to your business.

We enable you to connect end users in a reliable and future-proof manner, by tightening the proximity of the availability zones across large geographies.
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Flexible enterprise-grade connectivity

With a rapidly changing landscape, there is an increasing demand for hosted network infrastructure and the cloud. As connectivity requirements grow, you benefit from an elastic model that offers secure and scalable cloud connectivity with guaranteed network performance.

With a pay-as-you-go model, enterprises can leverage the flexibility to meet short-term, high-traffic needs with optimized latency for a digital world.
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Reliability you can count on

Offering you the best performance guarantees in the industry, our superior connectivity infrastructure is designed for 100% uptime, lowest latency, and near zero flaps and outages across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With 24/7 visibility to your network parameters, we put the control into your hands.
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By offering superior connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm is empowering enterprises across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hyperscale networking that accelerates growth and spurs innovation in the digital economy. A super-specialist in transport network services and super-automated cloud connectivity, Lightstorm bears deep project experience and strong global management capabilities. As a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies, Lightstorm is creating a robust foundation of digital infrastructure to create new sources of value and differentiation for businesses.
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