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Data Center Interconnect

Businesses are increasingly relying on hosted infrastructure and the cloud. As your connectivity requirements grow, you want your network to be as elastic as the digital world it serves.
With Lightstorm, you can avail the best latency connecting major cities across South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and access smooth on-demand services. We enable open & neutral access across major data centers in the country. Our Data Center Interconnect solution offers dedicated connections ranging from 10Gbps to multiple 100Gbps over xScale Network, built ground-up with no legacy.
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IX Peering

Access Internet Exchanges quickly and affordably without deploying physical infrastructure
Many cloud service or content providers have the challenging task of lowering network costs, reducing latency, keeping traffic local, and ensuring their network is reliable. Peering on an internet exchange helps network managers and providers meet these needs.

With Lightstorm, you enjoy interconnection to major Internet Exchanges. Our IX Peering offers dedicated and secure connections across data centers, allowing you to deliver and access content efficiently using our low latency network.
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Monitor your network with transparency and automation, focused on customer-centricity
Lightstorm is a pioneer of digital and premium Network Operations Centers (NOC) services. With our NOC-as-a-service, you can monitor your network from a state-of-the-art NOC in geographically diverse locations in Mumbai (DC) and Noida (DR).
Lightstorm NOC-as-a-Service provides:
Multi-domain and multi-technology network monitoring
Realtime latency and flaps measurement
Proactive incident management
State-of-the-art central NOC
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Cloud Connect

Secure, direct connections to leading public cloud providers
Build a hybrid-cloud solution and transfer mission-critical data over a carrier-neutral network. With the best performance guarantees in the industry, you can be assured of improved end-user application performance. Point-click-consume resources on the go flexibly.

Lightstorm delivers on-ramps to leading public cloud providers via secure, high performance connections across data centers. Our cloud connect service provides dedicated and secure connections up to 10Gbps, giving you uptime, security, and performance to meet business demands and SLAs.
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Our Solutions

The Best Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Our best-in-class SmartNet network leverages utility-grade infrastructure that guarantees 100% uptime, low latency, and zero flaps.
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Polarin is a Network-as-a-service platform that helps enterprises connect multiple private and public clouds, promising network agility and boundless scalability.
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By offering superior connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm is empowering enterprises across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hyperscale networking that accelerates growth and spurs innovation in the digital economy. A super-specialist in transport network services and super-automated cloud connectivity, Lightstorm bears deep project experience and strong global management capabilities. As a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies, Lightstorm is creating a robust foundation of digital infrastructure to create new sources of value and differentiation for businesses.
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