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Amajit Gupta

Group CEO and Managing Director


At Lightstorm, we are fully committed to providing top class engineering innovation, exceptional client intimacy and living our core values of ownership, empowerment, and integrity.

Many conventional business paradigms have been shifted, due to global events like the pandemic and various other developments. Led by digitalization and innovation, we are a tech-focused organization with the aim of disrupting the status quo.

Bringing the confluence of fiber-based connectivity, cloud services, and digital consumption, we seek to help our partners and customers create, manage, and deliver new age digital services. We also aspire to do this at best-in-class costs and improved quality experiences, especially for emerging markets with latent unserved demand.

We hold ourselves accountable to the improvement of society and environment we operate in, while retaining the spirit of a fast-paced young start-up where employees can be proud of their best work.

We deeply appreciate our lineage of world class sponsors, investors, and global quality management team. Let’s learn and grow together!

Our Leadership Team

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence

Middle East

Amajit Gupta

Group CEO and Managing Director

Ranjan Banerjee

Group Chief Strategy and 
Growth Officer

Scott McGibbony

Group Chief
Financial Officer

David Zimmer

Subsea Networks

Dhwani Arora

Chief of Staff, Group Head of Corp Marketing and Advocacy

Seven Rivera

General Counsel

Rajiv Nayyar

Chief Operating Officer

Lalit S Chowdhary

Chief Technology and Innovation 

Manish Kakkar

Chief Sales Officer

Heera Girish

Chief Financial Officer

Sayali Phatak

General Counsel

Vijay Raju

VP Technology Operations

Radwan Moussalli

Middle East

Prakash Ranjalkar

President Director

Bharat Ratan

Operating Officer

Ben Siagian

Director – Growth, Regulatory &
Corporate affairs

Fauzan Hamdi

Country Manager

Ernest Hutagalung

Financial Officer

Nadia Suardin

Head HR

Arif Pradhana

General Counsel

Deepa Arora

Head HR

Kelvin Kong

Group Chief People Officer
By offering superior connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm is empowering enterprises across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hyperscale networking that accelerates growth and spurs innovation in the digital economy. A super-specialist in transport network services and super-automated cloud connectivity, Lightstorm bears deep project experience and strong global management capabilities. As a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies, Lightstorm is creating a robust foundation of digital infrastructure to create new sources of value and differentiation for businesses.
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